Rolling Stock & Traction Courses
Introductory Course
Course Overview

This course is designed for new or future employees who have either recently joined the rail industry or are looking to join the industry. It will introduce candidates to the common and differing features of the modern vehicles in service across the industry and the main components of the local class of vehicle. This is the first step on your career introduction into the Railway. Trainees will be tested on their knowledge at the end of the course

Key Outcomes

On successful completion of the course the trainees will:

  • Have a general understanding of all major components & systems on rail vehicles
  • Name the location, fleet and customer for each of the main rail industry rolling stock fleets
  • Identify the locations of the major systems of the local fleet used during the training course
  • State the relationships between the major systems of the local fleet studied during the training course.

1 Day

No Requirements

Max Attendees
8 pax

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