Rolling Stock & Traction Courses
Introductory Course
Five Day Introduction to Traction and Rolling Stock
Course Overview

Designed for newcomers into the rail industry across all disciplines, to acquire a rapid understanding of the fundamentals of traction and rolling stock, to be able to apply this knowledge in a business and non-technical environment.

Key Outcomes

On successful completion of the course assessment, trainees will be able to:

  • Locate and identify the vehicles within the relevant Fleet.
  • Locate, identify and describe the functions of the major systems and equipment on         the train(s) .        
  • Interpret schematic drawings of electrical and pneumatic systems and equipment to       facilitate simple fault finding.
  • Use the Train Management System to diagnose train status and current faults.
  • Describe limits of own actions and authority relating to warranty of components.
  • Use laptop and diagnostic software to investigate and eliminate system faults.

5 Days


Professionals and non-technical staff new to the rail industry

Max Attendees
8 pax

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